What subjects do you study?
math, science, social studies, Language Arts, physical education, spanish, german, health, art, music, technology education, futures- study future career choices, family and consumer sciences- cooking, babysitting, money management

Do you have a school oval that you play on at Recess and Lunch? We do not have recess during the day (stopped in elementary school), but we do have a courtyard that we can go out in during lunch.

How many students (and classes) are at your school? About 900 students in three grades (6th-7th-8th). Each class size is about 20-25 students.

Do you have Interactive Whiteboards like we do, or chalkboards? We have whiteboards, but are JUST beginning to explore the interactive part. Some teachers have smartboards in their classrooms, but most have whiteboards you can write with markers on. We are hoping to get those smartboards soon... - Mr. Evans

Are you allowed to chew gum in class? Depends on the teacher, but on our team, we are NOT allowed to chew gum during class.

What does your school look like? We will have pictures soon!!!

What foods do you eat for lunch? Pierogies, pizza, stromboli, tuna, ham sandwiches, chicken nuggets, bagels, soup, hoagies, taco's, grilled cheese sandwich, salads, macaroni and cheese, cheesesteak, peanut butter and jelly.

What do you do at Recess and Lunch? Talk with friends, eat.

Does your school have a uniform? And do you have to wear it? No school uniform, but there is a dress code of what you can and can't wear. We do have to wear blue/grey/white shorts and t-shirts during phys ed class though.

What grades does your school go to? we are 6th-7th-8th

Are you allowed to use your mobile phones at school? After school, but not during school

Do you know your teacher's first name? Yes, but we don't call them by their first names.

Do you have a 'hat' policy? No hats during school, unless it's a "hat day" where we donate money to charity in order to wear hats.

Do you learn music, languages or instruments at school? Yes, everyone gets music, and german/spanish as well. Students who are interested, can play an instrument in the band and jazz band.

Do you write with pen or pencil in class? Both, as long as it's neat (-Mr. Evans)

How much P.E./fitness time do you get each week? 2-3 hours a week

What do you do for fun? On the weekends, after school? Play video games, watch sports, go to the movies, shopping, play sports, go on the internet, skateboard, bike, talk and hang out with friends, text messaging, bowling, swimming, go out to eat.

What are the most popular sports in your area? American Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hunting and fishing, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, horseback riding, wrestling, track and field, golfing.

Do you have any prominent sports teams? Philadelphia Eagles (football), Philadelphia Phillies (baseball), Philadelphia Flyers (hockey), Philadelphia 76ers (basketball)

What kind of music do you like? rap, hip hop, pop, country, rock, emo, punk

Where do you like to 'hang out'? The movies, bowling alley, high school football games, mini-golf, people's houses, parties

What TV shows are the most popular for students your age? The Hills (MTv), Spongebob Squarepants (Nickelodeon), Hannah Montana (Disney Channel), Family Guy (Fox), American Idol, America's Next Top Model, The Office, The Simpsons, Top Chef, Full House, CSI, Survivor, Lost, 24, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Do you play netball? We don't know what netball is, can you explain?

What are the popular hairstyles? Pictures to follow...

Do you have any celebrities in your community? Not that we are aware of, BUT, we are only 45 minutes from Philadelphia, and there are MANY who live there.

What are your houses like? We live in apartments, twin homes, single homes, etc.

What are the popular foods? pizza, tacos, french fries, ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, and many more........

Are clothes expensive? Abercrombie and Fitch has jeans for $88, Hollister has jeans for $60, American Eagle $40, Aeropostale $30, and there are many other department stores like Macy's, JCPenney, Bon Ton, Kohl's that sell things for anything in between.

Where do you go to shop for food, clothes etc.?

Food- grocery stores such as Giant, Redner's Market (in town)

Clothing- Kohl's, Bon Ton, Target, Wal-Mart, KMart - in town
- other stores like Hollister and those mentioned above, we have to drive about 20 minutes to go to a mall

How much pocket money do you get a week?

Some students recieve an allowance for doing chores $10-20 a week.
Some students are given $10-20 a week for activities on the weekend.