What are houses like there? Answer by Mia
What do the schools look like? Answer By collarpearlnick
What kind of stores do you shop in? Answer By shreck1
What do you learn about in school? Answer By kitkat
What does the average school day look like? (Period length, etc)Answer By niko
What kind of television do you watch? Answer By lucky_29
What kinds of pets do you have? Answer By truck1996
How is the government set up? Answer By tashi-boo-boo
Do you have a president? Answer By elmo77
Are there dangerous places around you?Answer By The_Godfather
What is the weather like there? Does it ever snow? Answer By antboy_sav
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Where do you hang out? Answer By Kaylse01
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What kinds of technology do you use at school? At home? Answer By Timbuck2
What is the outback like?Answer By adschannel
What kind of travel do you do? Answer By egg07
What sports do you play?
What are your favorite foods? Answer By jess95
Have you heard of Outback Steakhouse? Answer By lucario78
What kinds of religion do you practice? Answer By rashie96
What kind of music do you listen to? Answer By guerrero
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What teams do you have in Aussie Rules? julz1
What kind of cars do we drive? luke56
What kind of language do you learn at school? answer by deenie