The Primary Schools in Adelaide, are mostly more than one-building structures. They mainly consist of 2 - 10 buildings used for differnt purposes. The schools in Adelaide usually have a large area of space to build the schools and still have enough room for an oval and playground, this is probably the minimum for a primary school. Most Primary Schools in Adelaide are owned by the government and any one is allowed to apply to get in, but some schoolsd are independantly owed and they are called "Private Schools", sometimes you have to be in their school district or zone or be a specific religion to get in.

Our school has three buildings,(one for Receptions - 3, the second for year 3 - 5, and the last building is for the year fives, sixes and sevens.) and an office building for the teachers, and a canteen. we also have a really big oval with a soccer pitch, an Aussie rules pitch,(go to www.afl.com.au for more info.) cricket nets and pitch. we also have two playgrounds,a gym, a swimming pool, three sand pits, and a big quadrangle with two netball courts, a basketball court and many four-square courts.

Most Primary schools follow this structure. But when you get to High School, there are all types of structures ranging from one to five buildings and they can be up to four stories high, with campus' getting up to twice the size of our school!

Here are some photos of our school: